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At LAVA, we are committed to enhancing the flavor of everyday meals with our organic, fermented sauces made from locally sourced ingredients. We're passionate about sustainability and health, creating products that not only elevate your culinary experience but also contribute positively to the environment and your wellbeing.

fermented vegetables
additives and stabilizers

Organic produce fermented to perfection

We transform organic produce into unforgettable sauces through meticulous fermentation, capturing the essence of nature's bounty in each bottle.

the forgotten history of spice in portugal

Portugal once held a central role in the spice trade during the Age of Discovery, pioneering maritime routes to the East Indies in the 15th and 16th centuries. It was the Portuguese who introduced hot chili peppers to Europe, a vital commodity that they procured during their eastern voyages. However, this vibrant spice history of Portugal has largely been overshadowed by its renown in seafaring and exploration. Rediscovering and acknowledging this forgotten spice history fuels our passion about spices and their connection to Portugal's culinary heritage and its influence on global food cultures. Read on in our Blog

What our Customers say

The early success of LAVA was driven by local restaurants, chefs, and our friends.

“I was cooking with it last night, and he depth and flavors that LAVA is adding to my dishes is phenomenal”


POP-up Chef, Lisbon

"Lava has become a new addition in our condiments collection. Goes on almost any dish."


Bairro alto, Lisbon

“I am a huge fan, and I am not a hot-sauce person.
Try it."


Peniche, portugal

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Lava is available at selected merchants and restaurants in Lisbon

Wel Well Center

R. Marcos Portugal 18A
+ 351 213 951 310

salsa livre beach farm

R. da Bela Vista 16, 2530-057 Atalaia de Cima
+351 915 395 556

KAYA - Coffee & Brunch

R. de São Marcal 1 C
1200-418 Lisboa
964 707 965

Valdo Gatti Pizza Bio

R. do Gremio Lusitano 13 1200-211, Lisboa
965 277 454

A Mercearia do Pai Júlio

R. do Diário de Notícias nº45-47, 1200-141 Lisboa
218 092 926

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