LAVA classic

LAVA classic

Boldly fermented, organically sourced, flavor-packed culinary delight.

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About Lava Classic

LAVA Classic is the sauce that started our journey, the original taste of bold innovation. Crafted with fresh fermented vegetables, it offers a medium heat level, loved by many for its inviting warmth rather than intense fire. This sauce doesn't whisk you away on a wild ride to Scoville town, but subtly elevates the taste profile of your dishes, adding depth and dimension.

  • Fermented Freshness: A medley of fresh, organically sourced vegetables, fermented to perfection, forms the core of LAVA Classic.
  • Medium Heat: Crafted for those who appreciate warmth rather than intense spice, LAVA Classic delivers just the right amount of heat.
  • Clean and Healthy: With no additives or harmful substances, LAVA Classic is a healthy addition to your meals, bringing flavor without compromise.
  • Sustainability at Heart: Our sauce is not just about taste; it’s about our commitment to sustainable practices, from ingredient sourcing to packaging.

LAVA Classic is more than just a sauce; it's a wholesome flavor experience, crafted with care, creativity, and a commitment to quality and sustainability. It's time to elevate your culinary adventures with a touch of LAVA.


LAVA products are only made from fresh organic produce. We use no additives or conservatives. Natural precision fermentation brings out all the flavors and makes your sauce durable.

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