LAVA Inferno

LAVA Inferno

Intense, fiery, and irresistibly flavorful organic hot sauce.

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About LAVA Inferno

LAVA Inferno takes the essence of our original LAVA Classic and turns up the heat. It's a saucy sensation that caters to the bold, made from a blend of fermented vegetables and fiery peppers. LAVA Inferno isn't just about dialing up the Scoville scale; it's about igniting a deeper level of flavor in your dishes while delivering an invigorating heat experience.

  • Fermented Fieriness: LAVA Inferno combines organically sourced vegetables with a daring mix of hot peppers, all fermented to perfection for a burst of spicy flavor.
  • Intense Heat: This sauce is crafted for the true heat-seekers, delivering an invigorating spice level that tantalizes the taste buds.
  • Clean and Spicy: Made without additives, preservatives, or harmful substances, LAVA Inferno is a healthy yet fiery addition to any meal.
  • Sustainable and Bold: At LAVA, we commit to sustainable practices in every step of our process, from sourcing ingredients to packaging. Inferno is no exception, embracing both eco-friendliness and audacious flavor.

LAVA Inferno isn't just a sauce: it's a bold flavor journey packed with fiery heat and uncompromised quality. Welcome the inferno, and bring your dishes to life with this audacious addition.


LAVA products are only made from fresh organic produce. We use no additives or conservatives. Natural precision fermentation brings out all the flavors and makes your sauce durable.

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