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Lava is available at selected merchants and restaurants in Lisbon

Wel Well Center

R. Marcos Portugal 18A
+ 351 213 951 310

salsa livre beach farm

R. da Bela Vista 16, 2530-057 Atalaia de Cima
+351 915 395 556

KAYA - Coffee & Brunch

R. de São Marcal 1 C
1200-418 Lisboa
964 707 965

Valdo Gatti Pizza Bio

R. do Gremio Lusitano 13 1200-211, Lisboa
965 277 454

A Mercearia do Pai Júlio

R. do Diário de Notícias nº45-47, 1200-141 Lisboa
218 092 926

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Frequently asked questions

How long can I keep lava products?

Glad you asked! Fermented lava products contain living probiotics, and naturally conserve the product, therefore, it stays fresh for a long time, although we recommend refrigerating the products after opening to slow down further fermentation.

Are you currently hiring restaurant staff?

We are fully staffed at the moment, however if you share our love
for fermentation and hot sauce then you might be the perfect addition to the LAVA team and should get in touch!

Can I sell Lava at my restaurant or shop?

Yes, we are expanding our distribution network and are currently taking on new partners. Please reach out at

Is Lava open for partnerships?

We are looking for a co-production partner here in Portugal to scale our production. You can get in touch at

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